Full professor Tomislav Suligoj, Ph.D (head of Laboratory)

Tomislav Suligoj received Diploma engineer, M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER), Croatia, in 1995, 1998 and 2001, respectively. Currently, he is a full professor at FER teaching the courses "Electronics 1" in the undergraduate study, "Microelectronic components" and "VLSI technology" at the graduate level and " Microelectronics of computing and communication systems" in the doctoral study. After his M.Sc. degree, he won a Fulbright scholarship and spent 18 months as a visiting researcher at the Device Research Laboratory, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), USA, under supervision of Professor Kang L. Wang. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of electrical and electronic engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), where he stayed from 2001 until 2002. At HKUST, he was a Faculty member giving the lectures in the course "Integrated Circuit Devices".

His research is focused on the design, fabrication, characterization and modelling of advanced electron devices. He has developed novel semiconductor device structures, such as, Horizontal Current Bipolar Transistor (HCBT), High aspect-ratio FinFET, Vertical Silicon-on-Nothing FET. He invented and demonstrated HCBT, which is the world fasted implanted-base silicon bipolar transistor disclosed in 14 granted patents and few more pending. HCBT structure is published in the leading journals and conferences in the field and is integrated with 180 nm CMOS technology. He is a co-author of the FinFET with the thinnest fin of 1.9 nm and the highest fin height-to-width aspect ratio. He also participated in the pioneering work on the modelling of ultra-scaled MOS structures (Si, InGaAs, Ge) and 2D materials (graphene, phosphorene) and on the analysis of the advanced photodetector structure properties, such as, amorphous boron photodiodes, InGaAs avalanche photodiodes and SPADs. He led 18 projects so far and has co-authored more than 30 journal and 90 conference papers. He is a head of Micro and nano electronics laboratory (MINEL) at FER.

He has received National Science Award in 2015; Golden plaque at innovation exhibition ARCA, 2014; Best paper award at MIPRO Microelectronics, Electronics and Electronic Technologies Conference (MIPRO MEET) in 2015, 2012, 2011, 2008; Young Investigator Award “Vera Johanides” by the Croatian Academy of Engineering, 2007; Young Investigator Award by the Association of the University professors, 2003; Faculty medal “Josip Lončar” for outstanding Doctoral Dissertation, 2002; Fulbright scholarship, 1999; Faculty medal “Josip Lončar” for outstanding Master thesis 1998, University rector (president) award, 1995.

He reviewed more than 70 papers in all leading journals and conferences in the field and is regularly listed in "Golden list of reviewers" of IEEE Electron Device Letters and IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices. He is a Technical Program Committee member of IEEE Bipolar/BiCMOS Circuits and Technology Meeting (BCTM) since 2010.. Since 2014 he is a Chairman of Device Physics Subcommittee at BCTM. He is a Steering Committee member of MIPRO MEET conference. He was a President of Electron Devices / Solid-State Circuits Joint Chapter, IEEE Croatia Section from 2010 until 2013. He was a regional editor of IEEE Electron Devices Society Newsletter 2008. – 2014. g. Since 2014 he is a Vice chair of IEEE Electron Devices Society Subcommittee of Regions and Chapters for Region 8.

He gave numerous invited talks at the conferences, universities, institutions and companies, including, SISPAD 2014 conference workshop, UCLA, Delft University of Technology, University of Stuttgart, University of German Federal Armed Forces, Naval Research Laboratory, Institut fϋr Halbleiterphysik (IHP), NXP Semiconductors, Infineon Technologies, Asahi Kasei Mycrodevices, Austria Microsystems (AMS), NanoDimension, etc., many of which he has a collaboration with.



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